manual diverter valve

  • Part Number: DV-200-ABS, DV-200-PVC, DV-300-ABS, DV-300-PVC
  • UPC listed for DWV applications.
  • Available in 2” or 3” configurations.
  • ABS or PVC Valve Body with CPVC Internal Ball.
  • Includes ABS Handle.
  • True full-port design allows for maximum flow.
  • Compatible with our 90° Adapter, Extension Arm, and Actuator.


90 Degree Adapter and Extension Arm

  • Part Number: DV-90A
  • Durable ABS/PVC Construction.
  • Easy valve operation in tight quarters.
  • 180° operation to divert flow.
  • 90° adapter can be used with electronic valve actuators using the same ANSI mounting system as the supplied handle.


  • Part Number: DV-EA24VDC
  • 24V DC with Class 2 power supply.
  • Visual indicator of valve position.
  • Optional wall mounted box switch or hand held remote control.
  • Ease of use and safe default to sewer diversion in case of power interruption.
  • Available upon request: 110V Line Voltage Actuator.

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